Robin Yoder

Assistant Chiefs

(From left to right)

Rick Naradko, Garren Knoll, Kevin Harwick

Fire Line Officers

(From left to right)

Nick Marlowe, Dominic Kertsmar, Keith Deangelis


(From left to right)

Nina DeFrancisco, Will Hummell, Mark Schuster, Chris Spadaccia, Nicholas Wechsler, Austin Wilburn, Jonathan Fernezan

Fire Police Officers

(From left to right)

Mike Steitz, Candy Dannenhower

Fire Police

(From left to right)

June Allman, Barry Dannenhower, Mike Hummell, Steve Hummel, John Wechsler, Mark Withers, Sean Davis(Not Pictured)

Exectutive Officers

(From left to right)

Mark Schuster, John Wechsler, Sharron Yoder, Candy Dannenhower


(From left to right)

Chris Spadaccia, Barry Dannenhower, Will Hummel

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